Corona Virus update from TBF National

 Please click on the link below to get updates from TBF National concerning the virus. We will also be posting updates and any changes to events as we get further guidance. 


Event Restrictions Due to COVID-19


Below is a message from our TBF National President.


To all a few things on the COVID -19 scare.


First off please read the attached statement for company-wide events carefully use it as you need to.


Then a few quick facts.


*             First, from our side as TBF national office or as far as our insurance goes you do not have to cancel any events.

*             Second,  the CDC advises not to gather more than 50 people in one spot for the next 8 weeks and to always maintain 6 foot distance from other people.  That does not mean we nor YOU cannot hold an event that has 200 anglers in it, it simply means we have to MANAGE the crowd.

*             Rules briefing can be done in an open parking lot instead of inside a building or do it on facebook live and they can sit in the trucks or motels and listen to the rules briefing.  Registration crowd problem solved.

*             Additionally, weigh in is the same deal put out extra tanks and spread them out, add more and smaller flights with a few more minutes in between flights to manage your numbers and keep them low.

*             Run two lines of tanks if you wish left side of scales – right – left  – right alternating anglers so you never build up a line or a crowd of more than 50 people in any one place at one time.

*             Limit your weigh in bags

*             Last week at the FNC I kept a bottle of Lysol wipes on the stage and wiped the microphone after each and every angler spoke into it.

*             Encourage your anglers to leave after the weigh in …or if they are not in the money to reduce crowd size, don’t hand out checks…… mail the checks after the event is final…… weigh in and leave……. do NOT print out standings on sight only post them on line so people don’t wait around for a copy of them. advise them all of this in the briefing and run with it.

*             Keeping it under 50 in any one group is fairly easy if you think and plan ahead.


Yours In Service,


Robert Cartlidge