I have updated the membership application forms for tournament registration and membership application. There are Paypal links in both the forms and the menu on the home page. You can select the proper amount from the drop down menu and pay your dues online. Please fill out the application forms and then make payment. If there are any problems please let me know.


Now that being said we posted that the National Semifinals would take place on Oct 1-3 2021 on Wilson Reservoir. We will probably have to drop the 1 Oct date and hold the tournament on 2-3 October. Right now we would suggest you make plans for 2-3 October.  We will keep you updated on any changes. Sorry for the confusion.


Again, remember. New members will not be charged Kansas state dues so if you know someone that wants to fish the TBF please have them register. This includes any out of state TBF members. If you are already a national TBF member then it won’t cost you anything to register in Kansas. Please take the time to do so.